GI Jane Boot Camp

GI Jane Bootcamp

Tel: 0208 301 4353



The GI Jane Boot Camp is a residential boot camp designed specifically for women and take place within the Kent/Sussex border.

The week long course involves high intensity physical training with support from an expert team. The camps are limited to 18 places to ensure that every one gets the support they need.

In addition to the week long camps, there also mid-week and weekend courses running alongside. Prices for all three are as follows:

Week long camp – from £995

Mid-week camp – from £595

Weekend camp – from £399

What’s included?

  • Shared accommodation – most bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Nutritionally balanced food and drink throughout your stay
  • Training and activities for the week
  • Support from the team during your stay

G I Jane Boot Camp are now offering taster days for their boot camps which costs £70 per day. This is ideal for those who are unsure if the boot camp is for them as it allows you to see exactly what happens each day before you book your week long course. During the taster days, all food and drinks are provided and your schedule is the same as those participating in the residential courses.

A typical day:

5.30am – Rise & Shine

5.50am – All girls required by staff to stand in line

6.00am – Circuit Training – using weights, skipping ropes, short sprints

7.00am – Breakfast

8.00am – Iron Man

9.00am – Bums & Tums

10.00am – 15 Minute snack break

10.15am – Running

11.15am – Boxing

12.15pm – Lunch

1.15pm – 2 hour walk

3.15pm – Back at camp, another snack and a 15 minute break

3.30pm – Netball

4.30pm – Assault Course

5.30pm – The barrel (for those brave enough – a soak in a barrel of freezing water, which is good for your muscles)

6.15pm – Dinner

8.00pm – Bed time