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Northern Bootcamp specialises in providing weight loss training in a fun yet effective environment.

They focus on delivering a programme that is not only effective, but helps to change your lifestyle forever – turning you into a fitter, more health conscious individual.

Northern Bootcamp trainers are friendly, engaging and approachable – so there’s no need to fear being shouted at! – who will aim to transfer their enthusiasm for health and fitness onto you.

All the bootcamp programmes at Northern Bootcamp are designed to be varied, so participants will get to have a go at everything rather than just running and doing press-ups every day!

The programmes also include fresh home-cooked food created specially by their in-house nutritionist, giving you all the energy you need in tasty, healthy meals.

Northern Bootcamp options

There are several different weight loss programmes available at Northern Bootcamp:

1 day boot camps

2 day boot camps

4 day boot camps

7 day boot camps

11 day boot camps

14 day boot camps

There are also ‘specialist’ boot camps including:

Triathlon boot camp

Bridal boot camp

Military prep camp

Northern Bootcamp is situated in Northumberland in glorious natural surroundings.