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The Trimmer You Boot Camp is a female only boot camp designed to give you the ultimate motivation on becoming fitter and trimmer. Regardless of your size, weight or your fitness level, the courses are designed to be accessible to everyone.

After your stay at boot camp, staff prepare tools for you to take home to help you stay on track to reach your goals.


Trimmer You boot camp have two destinations on offer, but both aiming to give you the very best experience.

The first location is a 5 star luxury accommodation in Wales which boasts beautiful surroundings in a peaceful and tranquil environment, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The second boot camp is an elite accommodation located in Marbella, Spain, where the sun kissed beaches are on hand to help you reach your targets.

UK Boot Camp


There are different durations available for the Trimmer You UK boot camp – week long, mid-week and weekend.

Mid-week UK boot camp – takes place from Monday to Friday and prices start from £349

Weekend UK boot camp – takes place from Friday to Monday and prices start from £499

Week long UK boot camp – takes place from Friday to Friday and prices start from £849

What’s included?

In each of these packages, there are up to 10 hours per day of training, starting at 7:00am and finishing at 7:00pm. Nutritious food and drinks are available throughout the day, all home made by the on-site chef. There are nutrition seminars held by the camps nutritionist which you can attend. There are also massage and therapeutic treatments available to book during your stay and are the only added extras, everything else is included in the price.

In addition to the standard boot camp, there are also other camps available – bikini boot camps and bridal boot camps.

Spain Boot Camp


The luxury boot camps held in Spain start from £895 per person.

What’s included?

There is up to 10 hours of training included in each day at boot camp, starting at 7:00am and finishing at 7:00pm. There are a variety of activities on offer such as HIIT Training, boxing, aqua aerobics and beach activities. There is a heated swimming pool, sauna and hot tubs available on-site to use. Nutritious food and drink is available throughout the day. Massages and other therapeutic treatments are available to book throughout your stay which there are a charge for. However, these are the only added extras to your stay – everything else is covered in the price.

Typical day at boot camp:

  • 6:55am – Wake up and slice of orange before the day starts
  • 7:00am – warm up then first morning session
  • 8:00am – breakfast
  • 9:00am – mid-morning session
  • 10:30am – snack
  • 11:00am – fitness session
  • 12:30pm – lunch
  • 1:30pm – activities
  • 3:00pm – snack
  • 3:30pm – fitness session
  • 5:00pm – dinner
  • 6:30pm – evening session
  • 7:30pm – 9:00pm – free time before bed